What if sound cuts in and cuts out?

  1. Phone or receiver/transmitter is low battery, please charge it fully.
  2. The distance between the phone and receiver/transmitter is too far(within 10 meters) or there is obstruction resulting in unstable signal, such as WIFI and so on. In this situation, please reboot the receiver/transmitter, fully charge it and try it again anywhere without signal interference.
  3. While walking, please put your phone and receiver/transmitter on the same side.
  4. Clear all the devices paired before. Turn off the Bluetooth of the cellphone. Try to reboot and reconnect.
  5. The signal of the cell phone varies according to the cell phone brands. iPhone is the best one, and then goes the Samsung in current marketing. The Bluetooth of other unknown cell phones is weaker. If Sound cuts in and cuts out, please try to pair it with other cell phones with better signals.

What if it is unable to turn on nor to hold a charge very long?

Could you please charge the receiver/transmitter with another USB cable or adapter for few hours to check if the same problem still persists.

What if the receiver/transmitter can’t be searched for or be connected?

  1. Misoperation. The receiver/transmitter is on, but still does not enter the status of being searched. Please note that only when lights flash can it be searched for.
  2. If the lights alternately flash, (geek is that the blue light keeps on) but the phone can’t search for it yet, you can try as following: (1) Turn off the phone Bluetooth, reboot, and search again; (2) Restart the phone and search again. (3) Every chip of the products owns memory function. That is to say, every receiver/transmitter can be repair with the device that paired with before automatically. However, the storage spaces of every chip can memory up to 6 to 8 devices. If receiver/transmitter pairs with devices exceed its limitation, it can be searched for anymore. Please restore the factory default settings of receiver/transmitter, and connect again. If it fails, it may point to the problems of receiver/transmitter signal ends, which we should offer exchange or refund.

What if the receiver/transmitter can be searched but unable to be connected?

If you can search the Bluetooth receiver/transmitter in your phone but can’t connect it. Firstly, you should exclude that the receiver/transmitter had been paired with other cell phone before. (Please note that if the receiver/transmitter had been pair with other cell phone and this cell phone does not turn off its Bluetooth. Headset would pair with this cell phone automatically) You need to delete the phone connected records, restart it and reboot the receiver/transmitter pairing mode so that it can be searched and paired.

What if the sound delays?

  1. Low battery of receiver/transmitter will lead to sound delay.
  2. It’s related to the way Bluetooth works. Bluetooth sampling rate and error rate would be damaged during the time when the cell phone audio is processed to Bluetooth phone to be accepted and decoded.

What if there is no sound?

  1. No sound when making phone call or listening music.
  2. No sound in the receiver/transmitter.3. Make sure both mobile audio and media audio are turned on first and reboot the cell phone if there is still no sound.4. Restore the factory default settings of the headphone.